“Perfect solution offered with best quality product & service back up.”

Hanna Instruments which is widely recognized as Hanna Equipments in India and is one of the world’s leading brand dealing in the manufacturing of analytical and scientific instruments. We offer a wide range of product and solution to industries including Agriculture, Aquaculture, Environmental, Food, Dairy, Beverage & many more.

Our strength lies in our product range. We are a pioneer in manufacturing instrument which measure pH, ORP, ION, Conductivity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature & Humidity, COD, BO and much more. With over 3000 products in our product range, we are sure to find a perfect solution for your instrumentation need. Our philosophy, “to be able to supply customers around the world with practical affordable solutions for their testing needs” has always been the reason for our existence.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Hanna Equipments started its operation in India in the year 2006. Over the last 8 years we have achieved great heights and has become India’s one of the trusted brand in supply of analytical instrument.

At Hanna we don’t just want to meet our customers’ expectations, we want to excel them.

Hanna Instruments

Indian Presence

Hanna Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture of analytical instrumentation. Headquartered in USA, Hanna has a global presence in 50 countries, offering more than 3,000 products to a wide range of industries. Hanna Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd. operates from its Mumbai headquarters to offer expert local support to its customers in India. Hanna Equipments mission is to supply its customers with practical, affordable solutions for their testing needs.
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Perpetual Innovation

360° Value

Hanna’s research and development teams continually challenge themselves to improve existing technologies and invent new testing techniques. These efforts have helped Hanna revolutionize the world of testing. When you buy a HANNA product, you are not only buying the best value for your money, but you’re also adding the benefit of HANNA’s unsurpassed customer service and post-sale technical support.
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